Dialogue and Debate is the way Forward in Tackling 'Extremism'

Dialogue and Debate is the way Forward in Tackling ‘Extremism’

On Friday 16th October 2015, the Islamic Education and Research Academy (iERA) held a cross-panel debate on the criminalisation of Islam and tackling extremism in London entitled, ‘The Big Question: Is Islam The Cause Or Solution To Extremism?’

The event was well attended with representatives from leading media outlets including the BBC, Huffington Post, BuzzFeed, Channel 4, Press TV, The Guardian, Al Jazeera, Islam Channel and 5Pillars.

The panel was chaired by Peter Oborne, the former Chief Political Commentator for The Telegraph, and included Fiyaz Mughal (Tell MAMA and Faith Matters), Mohammed Amin (Conservative Muslim Forum), Hamza Tzortzis (iERA), Dr Anas Altikriti (Cordoba Foundation), Zara Faris (Muslim Debate Initiative) and Peter Tatchell (Peter Tatchell Foundation).

iERA’s Head of Public Relations and Media, Mohammed Hussain said: “Beyond the heated exchanges, Friday’s event was a fine example of a robust and open debate, which is needed in light of the Government’s new counter-extremism policy that was released earlier today.

“Knee-jerk reactions and scaremongering is not conducive towards establishing a cohesive ‘big society’, rather addressing the issues at hand with a fact-based approach is what is imperative in the whole extremism debate.”

The full debate will be released online on Friday 23 October.

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Left to Right: Zara Faris (Muslim Debate Initiative), Dr Anas Altikriti (Cordoba Foundation), Fiyaz Mughal (Tell MAMA and Faith Matters), Peter Oborne (The Spectator), Mohammed Amin (Conservative Muslim Forum), Hamza Tzortzis (iERA), Peter Tatchell (Peter Tatchell Foundation)